Booking your tour with us:

Frequently Asked Questions:


1) How do I book an appointment?

Just visit and complete the online booking form.

2) How long in advance should I book?

We usually book appointments one to two days in advance. During busy seasons - spring and fall - it's best to book two or three days in advance.

3) When do I get my photos and tour?

You will receive an email with a link to your tour overnight / the next morning after the photography.

4) Do I have to be present for the photography?

No, we can use a lock box, go direct or you can let us in. Our photographer will turn on/off the lights if we are using the lockbox for access.

5) How long does the photography take?

Approximately 20 minutes for homes up to 2,000 square feet.

6) How long is my tour available on the internet?

Your tour is active for one year, however it may be extended for a second and subsequent years.

7) Do you use special equipment?

Yes. Our professional photographers use digital SLR cameras with an ultra wide angle lens, external flash and special panoramic head. We also use specialized post-processing software to enhance your photos.

8) How do I pay?

You can pay online with Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

9) What areas do you cover?

We have photographers covering virtually all of Southern Ontario.

Depending on the location, there may be an additional service charge for travel

10) Do you make feature sheets?

Yes... We have almost 50 standard designs you can choose from. You can use our system to create your own feature sheets, brochures, just listed ards and it will create a PDF file for you which you can then print on your own printer or have professionally printed at your favorite printing shop or Staples.

11) How do I get my tour on my TREB listing?

There are two ways... you can edit your listing yourself or have your office admin staff do it for you using the links we provide.

12) How do I get MLS photos uploaded to my TREB listing?

You can download your photos and upload to TREB, email them to your office admin staff, or we'll do it for you for a small additional fee.

13) Is the tour TREB compliant?

You will receive both an unbranded TREB compliant link, plus a fully branded link showing all your information.

14) Can I download/save my photos?

Yes... you can download all your photos in a ZIP file at no extra charge.

15) Do you offer discounts?

Yes... we offer special programs for larger volume agents and teams.

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